Bộ Điều Khiển Sạc Năng Lượng Mặt Trời PWM 3024 – 30A

The controller charges 30A from the solar cells (solar cells), the light is converted into electricity, generating direct current (DC Power). This current is directed to the controller (charge controller)

490.000 199.000

Thanh toán ngay

1. Using the PWM charging mode can extend battery life and improve system performance.

2. With temperature compensation function, it can adjust charging and discharging parameters automatically.

3. Has the function of overcharge protection, discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection,

 Battery anti-reverse connection protection,   and anti-reverse charging protection  .

4. Has the function of automatic error replication and locking.

5. The peak output current is 1.5 A for the USB interface, can meet the user’s requirements for mobile phone fast charging.

6. Equipped with dual DC quick interface, more convenient for users to connect small power load.


– Control charging  and regulating the battery charge   in the solar power system, supplying electricity to household electric equipment such as lighting, televisions, CD players, Video systems, computer stands, telephone exchange, computers fax, fan, water pump, internet or company, office building …


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